Hello Maggie lovers!

I coloured Tilda with Big Tulips (With Love Collection) using the no lines technique, and making it easier to colour I started by masking her and then sponging the colour on the background. This helps to leave a ‘glow’ along edges without feeling the need to define the edge as you colour or should I say ‘trace’ around the edge to help form it. The background colour does this for you and so you can simply colour the shape as you normally would.


It took me ages to make this card, created specifically for my mother in law for Mothers Day earlier this year. I am not the best at fancy embellishments/full of layers cards but I did have fun trying.


Here is a close up of Tilday with Big Tulips. It is one of my new favourites. I just love her flowing long hair and the ease of colouring her jump suit and then the detail in the flowers helps to give it some extra pizazz.

Well that’s all from me. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Big Aussie Squeezes!

Zoe  xo

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